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The computer game chair of the Formula OH / FD101 / NB series from DXRacer is designed to meet the needs of a user who spends a lot of time every day working on a PC or laptop. Maximum comfort is provided by the ergonomics of the seat, as well as the ability to adjust the height and angle of the backrest up to 135 degrees to the anatomical features and preferences of the user. The maximum load is 120 kg.


Computer chair has an ergonomic design. For increased user comfort, the design provides a lumbar support and increased sidewalls, as in the car racing car seats. The high back with adjustable tilt serves to effectively support the neck and spine. The upholstered chair was a synthetic PU material that provides simple care and allows for wet cleaning.

Reliability and comfort

The model was developed for cybersportsmen, taking into account the wishes and preferences. Special soft armrests with adjustable parts provide a comfortable feeling to the shoulder girdle and wrists. Lightweight construction, reliable crosspiece and five castors make it possible to freely move the chair without fear for the safety of the flooring.

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