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GOOD QUALITY Coin Operated Street Fight Game Machine Arcade Adult Arcade Gaming Machine

Product Description

Guangzhou CGW Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd is professional of manufacturing Coin operated Arcade Game machines for Kids and Adults.

110 volts and 220 volts countries are suitable to use our arcade game machines.

Make A Easy and Fast Deal Here:Good Quality,Colorful Led Arcade,Economic Price. 


After the era of epidemic, the shipping cost exported to different countries increased a lot...

While considering the high shipping cost,it is important to choose a good quality supplier.


32" Screen Customized Logo/Professional Joystick/Various Professional Arcade Button Could be Chosen.


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One-Stop Service : Purchase Arcade Machines or Provide Accessories Repair

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Basketball Machine

Boxing Machine

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**Customize company logo on Stickers and Game Screen For Every Machine available**


New Develop Interactive Mini Metallic Coin Operated Game Machine Arcade For Different Entertainment Locations


Durable Quality control devices--Colorful LED Joystick and Button.

Coin Quantity/Game Time/Marine Lives Quantity are adjustable in the Mainboard manual.


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*Outstanding Cabinets Design and Shining Lights Attract Customers Play More.

*Insert enough coins

*Press the button to start the game

*Control joystick to control the Marine move up/down/left/right

*Marine would become stronger and powerful after eating the stars

*After being stronger, you could attack the jellyfish or the other players Marine

*Exciting two-players friendly competition! 200% Fun!

*Various of Maps and Levels

*After Marine eating the fruit, the beans in the game map would be refreshed

*Try your best to eat as many beans as possible in order to become the Strongest Marine!

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