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Hot Sale JJRC R4 RC Robot CADY WILE Intelligent Remote Control Robot Advisor Gesture Control Money Management Magic Sound Toy

Product Description


Forward, Backford, Turn left, Turn right, Slide forward
Coin saving, Gesture control interaction mode, Sound recording
Three kinds of magic sound performance
Eyes with RGB light, ears with colorful lights
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Sing, Dance, Program, Display
Touching display mode: Touching the head, the robot makes funny sounds. Popularize some financial tips.
Voice interactive mode: Clapping before recording to open the mode.
Claping one time - Display the voice changes.
Claping two times - Sing or dance randomly 

Brand: JJRC
Item No.: R4
Color: Red, White
Battery: 3.7V 400mah Lithium Battery(Included)
Charging: USB Charging
Charging Duration: About 55-70 Minutes
Playing Time: About 60-80 Minutes
Remote Control: two AAA batteries(Not included)

Package Included:

 Contents  Number
JJRC R4   1
Charging Cable  1
Tray  1
Key  1
Manual  1
Remote control  1
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