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Hot sell 42'' racing simulator gaming racing chair arcade 3d game machine car games

Where to install electronic arcade machine ?

1.Best opening places:(heavy flowing customers)at the city square,shopping mall,super market,zoo,station,theme park,pedestrian
street, tourist attraction,dock and so on.
2.Target customers: all range especially young people,tourist,shopper except heart disease and hypertension disease.
3.Cooperate with shops: You can cooperate with some shops and when the customers buy enough amount of the goods, the shops will
offer some tickets of the hummer game machine for free, and you can give some discounts to the shops .
4.Amusement park: Like amusement rider, playgrounds for kids, ect.

How to Play:

1. Insert coin to start the game;

2. Choose the playing car and course;

3. Step on the gas pedal to accelerate or lower the speed;

4. Use steering wheel to turn left or right;

5. Racing game usually has 5 stages, each stage time is about 60 seconds;

6. Enjoy yourself to be a professional motor racing driver, come on !!

2 players

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