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2018 most popular Coin Operated electronic amusing dart coin operated game machine for kids and adults
New Coin Operated Arcade Indoor Sport Amusement game EPARK water shooting game machine



1.Dart is a popular sport around the world indoor sports, is fun, competitive sport and leisure in one easy to carry out,
originated in the 15th century in England, is a noble gentleman at the bar playing darts small round metal disc. Darts sport
because of its technology simple and easy to master, no special venues and facilities, and the appropriate amount of exercise,
regardless of age, gender restrictions.
2.The first domestic dart machine can be connected to the network, can be in different places in the network against.
3.Built-in variety of fun games, including high-level entry game, competitive games, online games and other three categories, each
type of game there are a variety of small games.
4.Automatic calculation, scoring and results display soft electronic dart machine. Equipped with standard, interesting games. With
credit card function, game materials and records will be displayed and archived on the member website. Support local and remote
online games, remote players can be identified by radio frequency identification technology and players to configure the file.
Product name
2018 most popular Coin Operated electronic amusing dart coin operated game machine
Coin operated
12 months Warranty
Place of origin
Model NO.: EP-SP046 Size:L60*W61*H220 CM Power:120W Player:1 Player Packing Size:0.64*0.73*2.41 M

How to play:

1. Insert coins to start game.
2. Take the dart to shoot dart dial.
3. Shoot middle point, get high score!
4. Easy play, like the real dart game!

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