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About Zero Gravity Cockpit T7 CODING POD

2022 T7 CODING POD BROCHURE AND VIDEO: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1dryNxJyIUE8OV9g2c_v8dWrAHlwzaLn_?usp=sharing

Zero gravity can also be said to be weightless. According to the well-known Newton's second law, W=mg, a state in which an object moves freely in a gravitational field and has mass but not a weight. In this state, the pressure of the object on the support is less than its own gravity, and thus presents a floating phenomenon. Usually in outer space it is in a gravityless environment.

Euipped with Dxracer Brand Master series high end superior quality Racing PU gaming seat;Durable and comfortable;
Equipped with memory foam pillow with blue tooth speakers inside ;
One click to zero gravity position;
Contrast color design for more young style;
Save room for office , only need 70% space of traditional Office desk + Office chair ;
Enhance performace and comfort for long hours office/gaming experience!

Our 2020 new - codind pod, making the zero-gravity computer cockpit in the function setting, style design and other aspects become more humane, for people who use the computer for a long time to bring the physical blood does not circulate, visceral pressure, especially the cervical spine And the lumbar vertebrae bring serious loads.

The zero-gravity coding module is designed for the long-term use of computer users. It was originally designed to allow computers to be used for both “sit” and “lying”, reducing people’s long-term “sitting” and “lying posture” switching from the electric power system and Manually adjusted to complete, the cabin has a total of 6 ergonomic adjustment kinetic energy, making the computer easier and more fun to use.

Technical Process: Main material is made of metal . The bending and welding process is used. The power is provided by the electric push rod to coordinate the machining of the shaft system and the hinge, etc. to achieve the adjustment function. The exteriorpaint is mainly electrostatic spray.

High end Dxracer Master series PU racing Gaming seat

Electrical reclining high end Dxracer gaming chair 

Easy touchable controller on armrest

Convenient USB 3.0 Ports for computer,keyboard and mouse etc...

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